Lifestyle Changes to Promote Healthy Kidneys

Having a kidney disease doesn’t mean you can’t live an active and healthy lifestyle. However, you may need to make changes to your current diet and adapt to a new lifestyle, because heart attacks and strokes are more common among people with kidney disease. Changes like these are good for your heart, kidneys, and overall health.

Diet Changes

Food and drink that you consume can be slowing down your kidneys. Sodium additives are a big issue for someone with kidney disease. Surprisingly, most salt and sodium consumed come from prepared foods, not the saltshaker. Learning to cook meals from scratch makes it easier to control what and how much of something is added to your food. The following are 5 steps you can take to help manage your kidney disease.

  • Choose and prepare foods with less salt and sodium.
  • Eat the right amount and the right types of protein.
  • Choose foods that are healthy for your heart.
  • Choose foods with less phosphorus.
  • Choose foods that have the right amount of potassium.

If you’re not already seeing a dietician, it’s recommended that you schedule an appointment with one. A dietician can teach about how to help change your diet and find foods that will be better for your kidneys.

Lifestyle Changes

If you have diabetes and/or high blood pressure, having a healthy lifestyle is very important for managing your kidney disease. Talk with your dietitian and other health care professionals about any precautions you should take or things you should change. Here are 3 important things you should change to improve your lifestyle:

  • If you’re a smoker, take steps to quit
  • Lose weight, if you’re overweight
  • Get or become more active
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