What is Phosphorus and Are You Getting Enough of It?

cheeseIt is difficult to talk about phosphorus without talking about calcium. Calcium is the most abundant element in the body, with phosphorus a close second. Both of these elements are needed to form and maintain the health of our bones.

When the kidneys are functioning poorly, phosphorus can build up in the bloodstream, which causes a decrease in the level of calcium. High levels of phosphorus in the bloodstream can rob the bones of calcium, making bones weak and brittle. This can lead to bone disease, which causes severe pain and also causes bones to break easily.

A high phosphorus level can also cause calcification (hardening) in the blood vessels, soft tissues, and skin (which causes itching). Proper diet and medications will help control the balance of phosphorus and calcium and help prevent complications.

10 Foods Highest in Phosphorus

  1. Seeds (pumpkin/squash)
  2. Cheese (Romano)
  3. Fish (salmon)
  4. Shellfish (scallops)
  5. Nuts (Brazil)
  6. Pork (lean sirloin)
  7. Beef and Veal (lean beef)
  8. Low Fat Dairy (low fat yogurt)
  9. Soya Foods (tofu)
  10. Beans and Lentils (lentils)

It is important to monitor the level of phosphorus in your body. Your kidneys are in charge of maintaining these levels, so it’s important to keep them healthy. Poorly functioning kidneys can be detrimental to other parts of your body. Maintaining a healthy diet can keep your phosphorus  levels in check and a simple blood test can be done to determine where you stand.

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